The Monumental Scale of Union Station

I brought my trusty iPhone 4s to Toronto’s Union Station this week to snap photos of Canada’s largest and most palatial train station.

union station and cn tower

Union Station was constructed between 1914 and 1920 by Toronto Terminals Railway. On August 6th, 1927, it was opened to the public in an extravagant ribbon-cutting ceremony by Prince Edward, Prince of Wales (using a pair of gold scissors). According to Wikipedia, numerous other dignitaries and members of various governments were in attendance that day including Prince George, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario William Donald Ross and his wife, Prime Minister of Canada William Lyon Mackenzie King, Premier of Ontario George Howard Ferguson, and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Stanley Baldwin and Mrs. Baldwin.

union plaza

Since its grand opening, Union Station has received high praise from both dignitaries and critics for its opulent design done in the Beaux-Arts style. Designing this monumental structure was a collaborative effort led by Montreal architectural firm, Ross and Macdonald. The other collaborators were CPR architect, Hugh Jones, and Toronto architect, John M. Lyle. In this photo, we see 7 of the 40 Roman Tuscan columns that stand proudly on Front Street.

union station statue

Monument to Multiculturalism by Francesco Pirelli

This is one of five identical sculptures made by Pirelli. The other four are located in Buffalo City, South Africa; Changchun, China; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Sydney, Australia.

union columns

The towering columns dwarf the happy traveller.

union arch

Let’s head inside…

union 1

The opulent Ticket Lobby is commonly known as the “Great Hall.”

union east arch

The Great Hall’s four-storey tall arched windows closely resemble those found in Roman baths.

union schedule

Every train is running on time today.

union ceiling

The monumental scale of Union Station is warranted as it has over 250,000 people going through its doors every weekday.

union entrance

union flags

union 97

union plaque

union 92

union 98

west window

The Union Station Revitalization Project is currently underway. You can read about the City of Toronto’s future plans for the station here.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Union Station!


2 thoughts on “The Monumental Scale of Union Station

  1. Great pics! It reminds me a little of the Grand Central Terminal in NYC.
    It is a really beautiful construction! And your comments and historical remarks make it even more interesting!

    Liked by 1 person

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