Free, Loud and Live at 3030

If you are looking for a place that’s buzzing on a Saturday night, head to The Junction and check out 3030.


3030’s slogan says it all, “FREE. LOUD. LIVE.” The enormous space, which was once a Bad Boy Furniture store, offers free live music on Friday and Saturday nights. Due to the expansive interior of 3030, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a table most nights.

When I went there on March 21st, The Jammed, The Blanks – songs of CBGB, and BLONDEE performed 4 sets of classics from The Jam, the heyday of CBGB’s, and Blondie.

Both bands were amazing and Blondee really got the crowd rocking with her great vocals. As the evening went on, more and more of the crowd packed the dance floor, while others hit the pinball machines.




They have a wide variety of microbrews on tap. If you like a hoppy beer with lots of flavour, order a pint of Conductor. You won’t be disappointed!


The address is easy to remember as it’s in the name – 3030 Dundas West (at High Park Avenue).

3030 has it all and their food has just received a perfect rating from NOW Magazine. What more could you want?

Okay, okay… it’s not close to the subway. Just bring some extra cab fare. After all, you didn’t pay a cover charge for that amazing live music, did you? 🙂


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