The Groovy Gooderham

Now that we’re finally leaving the minus-temperatures behind us, it’s time to snap some pics of Toronto’s downtown core. My first stop on the tour was the Gooderham Building. The Gooderham was designed in the flatiron wedge-style and most people know it as the Flatiron.

flatiron 5

Built in 1892 for distiller George Gooderham, the Gooderham Building is wedged inside the Front-Wellington-Scott triangle. The Gooderham replaced the Coffin Block, which was a shorter building with the same shape.

flatiron 8

A description of the building’s interior can be found here. I’d like to have an office in that round room underneath the green cone roof. I just need to win the Lotto 6/49 to begin leasing it. No problem.

flatiron 6

flatiron 3

The architect, David Roberts, Jr., certainly knew how to make an entrance. Elegant pinnacle dormers and French Gothic arch frames add personality to the north side of the Gooderham Building.

flatiron 9

The back wall of the Gooderham features The Flatiron Mural by accomplished Canadian artist Derek Michael Besant.

flatiron mural

flatiron 2

There are many triangular-styled buildings around the world named Flatiron Building. The North American flatirons are listed here.

25 Esplenade

Toronto’s other flatiron building is located at Yonge and The Esplanade.

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3 thoughts on “The Groovy Gooderham

  1. Great pics Dan! What a great way to learn about Toronto!

    I had no idea there was a building style called Flatiron. Very interesting!


  2. One of my favourite cities for architecture is Chicago – I love the art deco vibe! I’m always wondering where Toronto’s interesting buildings are, so thanks for sharing!


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