Village of Yorkville Park – Night Shots

After all that mind-bending neuroplasticity talk, let’s take a mental break and enjoy these snaps I took the other night in Village of Yorkville Park. This park was built over a three-year period (1991-1994), and it has won multiple awards including the 2012 Landmark Award from the American Society of Landscape Architects.


The holidays are long over, but who doesn’t enjoy sparkly lights on trees?

Yorkville Village Park is divided into 11 sections and each part represents a specific type of landscape found in Canada. The marshland section has an illuminated boardwalk stretched over it.

rain curtain

The Rain Curtain – Ghostly icicles form on this sculpture every winter.


Up close.


The Rock – It was removed from the Canadian Shield in Northern Ontario, carefully chopped into pieces and then transported to Toronto on 20 flat-bed trailers. This reassembled 650-tonne chunk is approximately one billion years old as it was once part of an ancient mountain range.

I’ve sat on this rock dozens of times with tickets to Cumberland Four Cinemas, waiting for friends to arrive. The Cumberland screened a lot of international arthouse films. Sadly, the theatres were closed permanently in 2012 and an enormous café is located there now.

If you haven’t seen this hidden gem in Toronto yet, Village of Yorkville Park is located on the south side of Cumberland Street, between Avenue and Bellair. Go while the snow’s still covering the beautiful landscape.

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